Real Estate Identification & Acquisition Is a Key Challenge For Electrification at Scale. Here’s How to Solve It

Published on
Jun 22, 2023
Written by
Jonathan Colbert
Read time
4 min
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Playbook: How to Solve the Real Estate Identification & Acquisition Challenges to Electrification at Scale

We’re thrilled to release the much awaited Real Estate Identification & Acquisition Playbook.

The Playbook is written for organizations coming out of the EV deployment pilot phase, looking to scale massively and quickly. We're talking about 5-20 MW facilities on very large real estate footprints – the kind of EV charging infrastructure developments that have never been done before. We focus on off-premises deployments, because for scale and other reasons explored in this Playbook, fleets will likely need off-site charging facilities.

We understand that fleets and other organizations looking to deploy EVs at scale are compelled to do so in part because the future of our planet depends on it. We also understand how daunting the EV transition can be – as well as the exciting opportunities that await those who get it right first. And, we understand how complex deploying EV infrastructure at scale is.

"Infrastructure is really where we need collaboration with partners. We’re seeing 18-46 months until we get charging infrastructure; we need it quicker."
Art Valley
President at Penske Truck Leasing (remarks at
ACT Expo 2022)

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Tough Challenges

Many fleets now have a pressing need to power EVs at scale. They are challenged by the fact that charging infrastructure at scale does not exist in the right place, at the right time, or of the right type necessary to support planned EV deployments. They're also challenged by the complexity of siting, building, owning, and operating EV charging infrastructure without disrupting operations or investing significant time and upfront capital.

"EV holds so much promise if we can overcome the challenges. The #1 hurdle is a support system for refueling. We need dedicated, repeatable routes with central depots for recharge. We still face challenges siting, deploying equipment, and permitting."
David Carson
SVP of Sales and Marketing at Daimler Truck North America (remarks at
ACT Expo 2022)

The top challenges include:

  • Need to evaluate multiple sites
  • Complex AHJ permitting processes
  • Lengthy utility interconnection processes
  • Heavy upfront capital requirements

Explore these challenges in depth: Access the Playbook now

Proven Solutions

The challenges described in the Playbook affect any organization trying to deploy EV charging infrastructure at scale – be it a fleet or a third party like Voltera. But while fleets do not typically consider EV charging to be their core business, Voltera does. We wake up thinking about how to solve these and the other challenges associated with EV charging infrastructure deployment and operations.

"A piecemeal approach to infrastructure is not successful. We’re focused on working with turnkey providers to ensure timeliness."
Lonnie Mattison
Manager of Sustainability at FedEx Ground (remarks at
ACT Expo 2022)

Our playbook for solving the real estate identification and acquisition challenges includes:

  • Proactive identification and screening of potential sites
  • Building to suit and developing speculatively
  • Global strategy + local tactics, including best-in-market partners
  • Alignment with stakeholder processes, requirements, and goals
  • Early initiation of zoning approval process run in parallel with design
  • Access to upfront capital and business model flexibility

Explore these solutions in depth: Access the Playbook now

Electrification at Scale Playbook Series

This Real Estate Identification & Acquisition Playbook is the first in a series of Playbooks covering the entire EV charging infrastructure value chain – showing the challenges and opportunities at each stage, and how Voltera helps customers overcome those challenges and capture opportunities.

At Voltera, our motto is "We tackle those tough challenges so you don't have to." It is in that spirit that we've created the new Electrification at Scale Playbook series. Whether you engage with Voltera or not, you'll come away with valuable insight into how to resolve the tough challenges companies operating EVs face.

Stay tuned for more in the Electrification at Scale Playbook series:

  • #2: Power Procurement
  • #3: Site Design & Construction
  • #4: EVSE Hardware Deployment
  • #5: Operations & Maintenance
  • #6: Charging Infrastructure as a Service

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