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Strong equity backing from EQT, a team with deep experience delivering charging assets as well as critical infrastructure expertise, and a portfolio of sites already under development uniquely position Voltera to help you deploy and operate EVs at scale.

Together, We're Making Zero-Emission Transportation at Scale a Reality

Voltera provides the critical infrastructure necessary to support the full electrification of transportation. Siting, building, and owning strategically located, fit-for-purpose charging facilities at the right time, in the right place, and operating them with the reliability our customers demand, we’re the full-service partner companies rely on to support EV deployment and operation at scale.

Our Story

Voltera was purpose-built by EQT, one of the largest and most active infrastructure investors globally, and EdgeConneX, the critical infrastructure partner of choice for the world’s largest tech companies, to help you overcome the challenges to vehicle electrification at scale.

EQT Infrastructure aims to help support the global energy transition and was looking for opportunities to help develop the charging infrastructure necessary to support vehicle electrification at scale. Through its experience in the datacenter and renewables sectors, including with EdgeConneX (also a portfolio company) EQT understood that the capabilities needed to overcome the challenges to transport electrification are similar to the capabilities EdgeConneX developed as a leading data center provider.

So with strong equity backing from EQT, Voltera was spun out of EdgeConneX to execute on a multibillion-dollar plan to site, build, own, and operate strategically located, fit-for-purpose charging facilities – to enable EV deployment and operation at scale, and make zero-emission transportation at scale a reality.

A Note From Our CEO

"Almost a third of all greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation; there’s no question that our collective future depends on zero-emission transport. Fleet operators, automakers, and consumers alike are adopting electric vehicles at a rapidly accelerating pace. Lagging far behind, though, is the infrastructure to support EVs at scale. We have to bridge that gap if we’re going to make zero-emission transportation a reality.

"A key part of the challenge is that charging facilities need to be strategically located and require a lot of power. In the U.S. and Europe, almost 150 gigawatts of power – about equivalent to the annual power consumption of all U.S. households – will be required by EV fleets by 2030. Voltera is uniquely positioned to help solve those challenges, which is why I’m so excited and proud to be part of this team."

Matt Horton Headshot
Matt Horton
Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership Team

Adding to Voltera’s long-term capital backing and critical infrastructure DNA is a rapidly growing team with deep experience and proven ability to deploy charging infrastructure at scale. Collectively we have enabled the deployment of more than 1,000 charging sites and have transacted on more than 10,000 properties.

Our Partners

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