Clean Ports Program

Overview of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Investment

About the Program

The Inflation Reduction Act provides the EPA with $3 billion to fund zero-emission port equipment and technology, and to help ports develop climate action plans to reduce air pollutants addressing public health and environmental impact on surrounding communities. The program is designed to incentivize the purchase or installation of zero-emission port equipment or technology for use at, or to directly serve, one or more marine, water, or dry ports. These technologies include charging and refueling infrastructure, battery energy storage systems, and zero-emission port equipment.

Who Qualifies?

Eligible funding recipients must be either: a) a port authority; b) a state, regional, local or Tribal agency that has jurisdiction over a port authority or port; c) an air pollution control agency; or d) a private entity that applies for a grant in partnership with the aforementioned entities, and owns, operates, or uses facilities, cargo-handling equipment, transportation equipment, or related technology of a port. The Clean Ports Program encompasses water (marine and inland water) ports and dry ports (i.e. intermodal truck-rail facilities). Applicants can learn more about the Clean Ports Program, including eligibility and available funding here.

Why Partner With Voltera?

Project Investment

We have the ability and directive to invest in your project within our business model. Under this model Voltera would acquire real estate via purchase or lease and handle all aspects of developing charging capacity in partnership with eligible applicants and  fleets. This investment can be leveraged as cost share or as leveraged resources by eligible applicants.

Application Support

Voltera has the resources, partners, and proven success to help develop competitive applications.

Next Steps

To express interest in partnership or to learn more about partnering with Voltera, or how your port ecosystem can benefit from the Clean Ports Program, please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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