Powered Real Estate is the #1 Challenge to Transport Electrification at Scale. Here's How to Solve It.

Published on
Sep 8, 2022
Written by
Jonathan Colbert
Read time
5 min
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Playbook: How to Solve the #1 Challenge to Transport Electrification at Scale

Voltera’s customers are companies that have a pressing need to power EVs at scale. They are challenged by the fact that charging infrastructure at scale does not exist in the right place, at the right time, or of the right type necessary to support planned EV deployments. They're also challenged by the complexity of siting, building, owning, and operating EV charging infrastructure without disrupting operations or investing significant time and upfront capital.

In other words: both companies with well-established infrastructure for ICE vehicles as well as EV natives are challenged to deploy EV charging facilities at scale in the right places at the right times. This is not the only challenge for electrification, of course, but it is the toughest one.

The digital infrastructure industry has faced many similar challenges as the EV industry is facing. Voltera's critical infrastructure DNA and ongoing relationship with EdgeConneX – including expertise overcoming the powered real estate challenge – can be applied to the EV industry to help achieve massive scale very quickly.

Among the toughest challenges is powered real estate. It is not only about having enough land and enough power, but having it in the right place, at the right time.

In this Playbook readers will learn:

What is the powered real estate problem

Companies operating EVs often require real estate in land-constrained areas (e.g., urban centers) where acquisition and permitting can be very capital-intensive and complex. These companies' business models depend on route optimization, which means charging facilities must be strategically located. Often, an even tougher challenge than getting land is powering it. In urban areas it can be difficult to secure grid capacity for a high-demand use case like a large-scale EV charging facility. Adding to the list of challenges is the need for speed. A company's need for charging infrastructure within a certain timeframe may be driven by regulation, or by stated commitments. Being first to deploy EVs at scale – and the charging infrastructure to support them – could be a competitive advantage for many companies.

Solving the powered real estate problem to enable transport electrification at scale

Readers will learn the key ways Voltera overcomes real estate and power challenges – in site selection, power strategy, site acquisition, and power management. Whether you decide to engage with Voltera or not, you'll come away with valuable insight into how to resolve the toughest challenges companies operating EVs face.

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